Translating Service
Translating Service
We provide a bespoke translation service, specialising in over 30 language pairs. Our experts are multilingual and also have the added experience of editing and proof-reading in both languages. This unique approach allows us to provide a distinct translating service. We can meet your needs from a simple word-for-word translation to more advanced technical work translating between the lines. We provide the insight you are looking for, so let EditBerry formulate your key information that helps distinguish your personal and superior business products.

The translating service offers over 30 language pairs and is suitable for documents up to 200,000 words. This service is ideal for a personal translation of your CV or small to large business documents.


  • Excellence in editing
  • Academic or Business
  • Personal or Professional
  • Bringing out the best
  • Up to 250,000 words
  • Translation¬†by experts
  • Retaining your message
  • Over 30 language pairs
  • Translation with editing
  • Up to 200,000 words
  • Matching your vision
  • Specialist designers
  • Medical illustrations
  • Edit personal pictures
  • Academic or business